State of Play – RPG in Portugal

A very fast review about the status of Tabletop Role Playing Games in Portugal

Tabletop Role Playing Games take in their core not only the possibility to act as a character you just created, but also the endless ways you can interact with both the world and other players.

Of course, there’s more to it than sitting around a table and play. There’s a lot of effort and thought during the whole creation process of the game itself. There are mechanics that need to be taken into consideration. How they work, what resources do they need and how they come to affect the role playing aspect.

Some games use dice. Others use cards. Some games are heavy on the rules and others barely have any at all.

In Portugal, both board games and tabletop RPG industries are growing, just like their communities. Several products are seeing the light of day and many others will soon do the same. Games like Aeon Blades and Asilo are such examples.

During the following articles, we will be in contact with designers , with creators and the community itself. We will see the state of things, what games are coming out and what to expect from them; what was the creation process like and what did it take. We will have answers about the reasons behind the expanding interest in the hobby and what are the thoughts of both creators and consumers about the future.

Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, there’s a lot of game talk on the way.

By Rola Iniciativa

Rola Iniciativa is an online platform that aims to expand the tabletop RPG community in Portugal. This growth is obtained through our Facebook and Patreon pages, our Discord server and our endless Twitch streams and YouTube videos. Contact with the community is key, and even though Dungeons & Dragons is a common interest, there are many other games that come to our attention (Vampire: The Masquerade, Call of Cthulhu, Mouse Guard), some of wich come from more independent sources (Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells, Demon Ninja). There are many more games out there, both to play and create. And we want to play them all with everyone.RPG Design is also a goal, since 2019 we have reached a lot of rpg designers to understand and learn with them, and to show our community that they can count on us, to help any project that they might have.

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