Liga Steampunk de Lisboa – Lisbon’s Steampunk League

The Steampunk League of Lisbon was born in 2015, after a group of enthusiasts gathered for a Steampunk-themed Murder Mystery and decided to have an official group to continue their adventures together. As the group grew, so did their presence in events, from small events to anime conventions, Comic-Con, among others.

Credits: ShadowShaper

Their presence is marked by the always present stand, with lots of Steampunk themed merchandise (from jewelry to goggles and accessories) and by very diverse activities, such as Duels of Honor, Tea Duels, Murder Mysteries, TableTop Games, among others. Often we can find the members of the group giving talks to spread the word about Steampunk and/or giving Workshops to help you immerse in this world, whether by creating your own Steampunk Persona, building your outfit from thrift-shopping and clothes from your grandma’s closet, or even by getting all the tips needed to create your next Best-Selling Steampunk Novel.

Credits: João Sousa

But it’s not always work for the group. On nice warm sunny days, you can find the members of the Steampunk League sitting in the garden, sharing a pic-nic cloth decorated with cakes and gears and sipping a nice cup of tea. If it’s a rainy day, you can find them wandering through a museum, almost as if they just came out of the paintings to gather with the modern world. They often get creative while doing Photoshoots with their outfits, as they were already seen being photographed on lakes, forests, gardens and even at the beach.

Credits: Nirvana Studios

After participating in many events, the Steampunk League of Lisbon decided to try and organize the EuroSteamCon 2017 – its fourth edition in Portugal but the first in Lisbon. The event was a success and, after a call of arms for submissions, the Almanaque Steampunk was released in collaboration with Editorial Divergência:  a compilation of Steampunk short-stories, illustrations, curiosities and even tips for dating, as a remembrance not only of the event but also of the 19th century publications that were so cherished at the time.

Credits: Pedro Garrancho

The next year, they had the honor of being part of the Steam Festival, which occurred in September in Museu Ferroviário do Entrocamento. It was so successful that the event is happening again this year, with lots of surprises for those brave enough to catch the Steam Train to Entrocamento.

Credits: João Sousa

In retrospect, one can see how much the group grew from a small number of people in love with Steampunk (whether be the literature, the fashion, the movies or a combination of them all) to a well-known and welcoming major and ever-present group. There’s always room for one more person, could it be you?

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