Strikers Edge – when your spear was an extension of your arm

Medieval Fantasy

Strikers Edge is a game of medieval fantasy and immersion takes place on the first minutes, depending on how much time you take to choose your toon. You can choose from a good variety of heroes, each with special moves, weapons, looks and feels.

Some spiky music, bright colors and animation provide a sense of urgency and dynamism and before you know it, you are a warrior and someone else is trying to put you down.

So once you get started you have a warrior, holding a spear, with the little help of two shields… and game is all about moving up and down, dodging the other players spear; and aiming to hit the other player. The gameplay is obvious and immediately perceived, then its all about mastering your arm, your body, your aim, your feet… and someone else taunting you to be the first to strike

Special attacks and blocking moves can get you a good advantage, but the truth is, until the end of the game, you can lose. On the other side, there is a player ready to strike back.

PVP true magic

You can either do this local with your household on “high volume mode”, or do this online, challenging friends and strangers. Scoring up against real people, makes the true magic of PVP games come to life. And this one is good, because it gives you time to bounce back, to retaliate and to change a game’s result with a bit of learning, a bit of luck and a bit of war.

The first impression on this game is that your arm moves independently from the rest of your body and assumes its own identity. Not an easy one, sounds like a pro is required to articulate movement. But a few tricks can help – such as using your game pad instead of your keyboard, but that was me! The learning curve is excellent and soon everyone will be able to STRIKE. I did! And not only felt proud of myself, but also decided to update my demo to a full game.

As a family game is fun, easy to play and difficult to master. Music provides a useful background for screams, shouts and injuries and does an amazing job keeping up the rhythm and the necessary movement speed.

Fun Punch

This was game the debut game for FUN PUNCH, and it was the winner for Playstation Awards in 2015, published by PLAYDIUS in 2018. It is still one of the Portuguese developers most beloved games. Today secrecy is the word and Fun Punch crew is working on several projects that we hope to announce as soon as they start releasing information. Fantasy runs strong in their veins and their ability to catch and grab attention is worth a shot.

Immersion comes from all that was mentioned – the need to think of the spear as part of you, but still moving independetly from the rest of your toon, the heroes and settings you are battling with, the music, sound effects, and the competitive edge that PVP can offer, either on the couch or by distance competing against all your friends.

For fans of MMOs that love that PVP bit of huge games and don’t know what to play for casual, this one is a choice.

“PVP is when the other person’s high rating is more important than your own”.

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