Stellar Interface – Retro aesthetics and Future Humor!

Stellar Interface was launched in 2016 and since has had a few major updates, and it come out on Nintendo Switch on May 2019. These updates tell uss a happy story of development, bringing the game to a great playability and fun to explore, while early releases were not as pleasurable.


ImaginationOverflow, a studio born in Lisbon in 2010, presented us this game and they’re still pushing the game forward, growing on reviews, inputs and tips from gamers, showing us all that listening to your public brings you to good places. Some other titles will be deserving our attention in the fantasy section soon enough.

Stellar Interfaces is about space, and spaceships, and shooting everything that moves, and then I’ve come to realize that one of the things I was aiming at (and couldn’t kill), was a little help from the skies above.

Retro is to say the least – CGA colors and arcade graphics, it reminded me of Defenders and my retro partner screamed “No, it’s R-Type!”

I loved it. Had fun playing it. Died a lot, restarted a lot and it brings a “just one more run” referred to by more than just one steam review.

“Run through the universe in this rogue-like-ish space-shooter. Discover the numerous perks/consumables and their synergistic effects. Explore the randomly-generated galaxy to find merchants, unlock spacecrafts, collect Cartridges and checkmark your kills of the various galactic overlords” – and this is the description the developers have on steam. They make it too serious, and the game is fun, exciting, challenges us and makes you want to come back for a few more shots.

Hit space, kill the enemies, avoid the spacecrafts, the bosses, the sots, the traps…. Die, try again…. and once I got better with the mechanics, found a new info on guns, shots, software, and started to develop for my ship the kind of love a tuner has for its car – lets just improve one more thing!

And while you are at it… some names make me smile like little easter eggs while imagine this game in international markets, where it belongs. It’s fun to find a good sense of humor on names, comments, description, that make it worth a while to read along and to become more familiar with the story and the elements available.

Finally, the music… retro, arcade… but truth is “it fits”. The music helps you through the run and deploys your best intentions, even when you must start all over. Maybe I’m, not the best gamer to try this one out, because I really risk too much and die often, but surely had fun.

And on a side note…. Fun to play with my kids and nephews, easy to understand and a great starting point to dream about space and space battles, so it was a great game for a family afternoon that made me return later for a bit more exploring.

So, my best advice is to try this one out…. Gather the kids, get some light sabers and… let the games begin! 😊

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