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GREEDY GUNS – Developer’s Level of Difficulty

Greedy Guns is a platform adventure that includes action and exploration, bringing colour and music to perfection, conducting us through levels of almost-insanity and making sure you feel like a pro once you’ve passed each level.

Mostly sure I haven’t been able to explore this game as it deserves, truth is it’s way above my league as a gamer. It gets my heart racing, makes me want to deliver my A-Game, but this is for serious and furious gamers.


It’s fun, colourful, challenging and worth a while. And the music? A work of art, bringing Miguel Cintra to give concerts to present it, as I’ve attended in Lisboa Games Week 2017 and 4Gamers, in Lisbon 2016.

I’ve been on to this project since the first days of kickstarting and it’s considered one of Portuguese successes worth mentioning.   To me it has defined a new degree of difficulty: you have tutorials, easy modes, hard and hero, above genius, and then “developer’s mode” – this game hits a soft spot with all the competitive gamers I know.

Greedy Guns was launched in September 2017 and had a major update last month, May 2019, with a new hard to play level – rising above sanity and defying their best players. Running and shooting is the best way to describe what we need to do, and like that, it sounds pretty simple.

If you are for a challenge, this one is a must-have!


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