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This article aims to list all portuguese speculative fiction comics books - this being said, it is a work in progress! Along the next months we'll be publishing reviews of some of these titles.

The industry of comics in Portugal was transformed by the evolution from the comics in newspapers and magazines to the album format, and from the album format to the self-published fanalbums, fanzines, ezines, and anthology prozines. The album is still very much present, but the growth of other formats of publication like the low-budget indie albums, the anthology prozines, and the self-published fanzines and fanalbums, associated with networking strategies, are becoming preeminent. The fanalbum format is a neologism created by Portuguese faneditor Geraldes Lino; for more information on this subject, I recommend the reading of the article Comics in Portugal – An Academic Approach [01].

The artists, the artistic associations, and a few semi-professional micropublishing houses are the main agents in the dissemination of the speculative fiction genre in particular. The increase in the production of speculative stories in comics format is evident when cataloging the titles published in Portugal, namely albums, fanalbums, fanzines, webzines, webcomics, and e-books. Even though this is a very complex task, due to the lack of available information, this article presents an attempt to list all Portuguese publications found from 1948 until June 2019.

The list compiles a total of 245 Portuguese speculative fiction comics published in Portugal (XX century 44; XXI century 201). The website Comics [Bandas Desenhadas], spearheaded by Nuno de Sousa [02], and the archivist project [] [03], along with the fifth edition of the online catalog Comics Albums Published in Portugal [Álbuns de Banda Desenhada Publicados em Portugal], organized by José Silva [04], among other websites and publications, were paramount to the data collecting necessary to create this list.

This article aims to raise awareness to the speculative fiction genre, to contribute to the Comic Studies international dialogue and to the Portuguese Comics History, by cataloging all found titles pertaining to speculative fiction. There are many speculative fiction short stories published in non-speculative fiction anthologies, newspapers, fanzines and magazines that are not included in this list, which is solely dedicated to books, literary supplements, digital comics, and fanzines on the speculative genres of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. For more information about this super-genre, I recommend the reading of two articles on this subject in The Portuguese Portal of Fantasy and Science Fiction [05].

According to the listed titles, the growth of publications is evident in the XXI century, in particular from 2013 onward. The list leaves out some authors and stories that deserve a special mention. One of them is Jaime Cortez Martins, who worked between 1943 and 1947 for the Portuguese magazine The Mosquito [O Mosquito], where he created fantasy and science fiction stories such as The Two Friends in The City of the Marine Monsters [Os 2 Amigos na Cidade dos Monstros Marinhos] (1946), and The Murderous Spirits [Os Espíritos Assassinos] (1947). In 1947 he emigrated to Brazil where he became one of the most important authors in the Brazilian horror genre; the album Horror’s Saga [Saga do Terror] (1988), published posthumously, contains various stories created by the author [06] [07].

Another author is António Cristino. He wrote the first Portuguese sci-fi comics story in 1927. The story, published in the children’s magazine supplement Little ABC [ABCzinho], over several issues, was titled Adventures of Three Friends on the Planet Mars [Aventuras de Três Amigos no Planeta Marte] [08].

Moreover, there are three anthologies that are not in the list, but deserve to be mentioned because they include a few speculative fiction comics: the English written Crumbs: An Anthology of Delicious Comics by Portuguese Toast Makers (Kingpin Book, 2014), the nostalgic Review: Comics From the 1970’s [Revisão: Bandas Desenhadas dos Anos 70] (Chili com Carne, 2016), and the commemorative anthology Humans [Humanus] (Escorpião Azul, 2018).

By analyzing the list of speculative publications and their distribution by format we can observe that self-publications, fanzine anthologies, and the indie micropublisher’s albums are the main resource for speculative fiction storytellers. The growth of the fanzine as a medium is a clear indication of the artists’ desire to publish their stories even if the mainstream editors are not interested.

The list demonstrates the increasing affiliation of Portuguese authors in the speculative fiction genre noted by the astonishing growth in published stories in the XXI century. This is a very positive sign and a healthy symptom for the sequential art of comics in Portugal, the sheer number of titles in this century is a clear indication that something has changed. In this regard, the low printing prices and networking strategies, associated with the self-publishing and micropublishing, along with the growing interest in speculative narratives, can be mentioned as main motivators for this super-genre boom. Below, the original titles are in-between brackets. When the original title is in English or without translation the brackets are not used.

This list is a work in progress – so we ask for your help for titles missing within the genre of speculative fiction by portuguese authors.


The Arabian Nights [As Mil e Uma Noites], Fernando Bento, and Adolfo Muller.


The Sad King [O Rei Triste], Eduardo Coelho, and Gilda Coelho.


Wanya. Stopover in Orongo [Wanya. Escala em Orongo], Augusto Mota, and Nelson Dias.


Vision no. 9: Special Issue on Horror [Visão nº9: Especial Terror], anthology.


S.O.S. in the Stone Age [S.O.S. na Idade da Pedra], José Pinto, and Víctor Péon.

The First Adventure in John’s Country [Primeira Aventura no País do João], Maria de Menéres, and Pedro Massano.


Eternus 9: Son of the Cosmos [Eternus 9: Um filho do Cosmos], Victor Mesquita.


Delta Rose No Way Out [Rosa Delta Sem Saída], Fernando Relvas.


The Cucumbers [Os Pepinos], António de Souza.


Wakantanka – The Black Bison [Wakantanka – O Bisonte Negro], Augusto Trigo, and Jorge Magalhães.


Gil Vicente in Comics: Acts of the Boats [Gil Vicente em Banda Desenhada: O Auto das Barcas], José Ruy.


The H…orrible Mission [A Missão H…órrível], Pedro Massano.


Ranger – Revenge of the Elephant [Ranger – A Vingança do Elefante], Augusto Trigo, and Jorge Magalhães.

Wakantanka – The Serpent People [Wakantanka – O Povo Serpente], Augusto Trigo, and Jorge Magalhães.


Excalibur, the Enchanted Sword: The Magic Ring [Excalibur, a Espada Encantada: O Anel Mágico], Augusto Trigo and Jorge Magalhães.

Legends of Portugal in Comics: The Legend of Gaia. The Goat-footed-Lady [Lendas de Portugal em Banda Desenhada: A Lenda de Gaia. A Dama Pé-de-Cabra], Augusto Trigo, and Jorge Magalhães.

The Empire of Souls [O Império das Almas], Luís Louro, and Tozé Simões.


Jim Del Monaco: The Great Space Opera [Jim Del Monaco: A Grande Ópera Sideral], Luís Louro, and Tozé Simões.

The Creature From the Black Lagoon [A Criatura da Lagoa Negra], Luís Louro, and Tozé Simões.

The Legacy of the Templars I [A Herança dos Templários I], Luís Louro, and Tozé Simões.

The Moor Cassima [A Moura Cassima], Augusto Trigo, and Jorge Magalhães.

The Neanderthal Man: The Adventures of Herb Krox [O Homem de Neandertal: As Aventuras de Herb Krox], Luís Diferr.


The Legacy of the Templars II [A Herança dos Templários II], Luís Louro, and Tozé Simões.


The Adventures of Filipe Seems: Ana [As Aventuras de Filipe Seems:Ana], António Gonçalves and Nuno Silva.


Looking for the E.N.D. [À Procura do F.I.M.],António Gonçalves, and Nuno Silva.

The Adventures of Filipe Seems: The Story of the Lost Treasure [As Aventuras de Filipe Seems:A História do Tesouro Perdido], António Gonçalves, and Nuno Silva.

The Crow [O Corvo], Luís Louro.


Alice in Wonder City [Alice na Cidade das Maravilhas], Luís Louro.

Trilogy by the Tejo [Trilogia com Tejo ao Fundo], Victor Mesquita.


A Catalogue of Dreams [Um Catálogo de Sonhos], José Fernandes.

The Babel Syndrome and Other Stories [O Síndroma de Babel e Outras Histórias], Victor Mesquita, Nuno Saraiva, Luís Louro, Jorge Mateus, and Diniz Conefrey.


Dakar the Minosaur – The Illuminated Lake, Part I [Dakar o Minossauro – O Lago Iluminado, Parte I], Luís Diferr, and José Abrantes.

Here, to the Land [Aqui, à Terra], Miguel Moura, and Paulo Patrício.

The Hanged Man [O Defunto], José Morim (adaptation of a story by Eça de Queiroz).

The Supreme Art – The Graphic Novel [A Arte Suprema – Uma Novela Gráfica], António Gonçalves, and Rui Zink.


Dakar the Minosaur – The Illuminated Lake, Part II [Dakar o Minossauro – O Lago Iluminado, Parte II], Luís Diferr, and José Abrantes.

The Gods of Altair [Os Deuses de Altair], Luís Diferr.

A Story of Whales [Uma História de Baleias], Erneste Neves.


Daedalus [Dédalo], Miguel Rocha.

Feeding with the Weak [Alimentando-se com os Fracos], David Soares.

Horror Fiction, David Soares.

Mister Abílio [O Senhor Abílio], António Gonçalves.

Ordinary People [Pessoas Comuns], David Soares.


I Think Ego I Am [Cogito Ego Sum], Luís Louro.

Chaste Halo [Halo Casto], Luís Louro and Rui Zink.

Mr. Burroughs, David Soares, and Pedro Nora.


Circle Comics Zine #39: Future Odyssey [Tertúlia BD Zine #39: 3001 Odisseia no Futuro], Pedro Morais.

Circle Comics Zine #42: The Congested Ambulance in Congested Traffic [Tertúlia BD Zine #42: A Ambulância Congestionada no Congestionamento], Álvaro.

Circle Comics Zine #50: Annoyingman Watches [Tertúlia BD Zine #50: Xatoman Vigia], Álvaro.

Dumb Angel (Dumb Me), Pedro Nogueira.

I Think Ego I Am – Book 2 [Cogito Ego Sum – Tomo 2], Luís Louro.

Micromegas [Micromégas], Vera Tavares.

Sammahel, David Soares.


The Last Great Movie Theater [A Última Grande Sala de Cinema], David Soares.


Eden 2.0 [Éden 2.0], João Lameiras, Luís Louro and João Santos.

Nettle: The Last Element [Urtiga: O Último Elemento], Victor Boga.

The Adventures of Filipe Seems: The Tribe of the Crisscrossed Dreams [As Aventuras de Filipe Seems: A Tribo dos Sonhos Cruzados], António Gonçalves, and Nuno Silva.

The Crow – The Return [O Corvo – O Regresso], Luís Louro.


The Island of the Future [A Ilha do Futuro], José Ruy.


Homodont: The Blue Egg [Homodonte: O Ovo Azul], José Abrantes.


Circle Comics Zine #100: Horror Circle [Tertúlia BD Zine #100: Tertúlia do Horror], David Soares, and Mário Freitas.

Circle Comics Zine #101: See You Tomorrow [Tertúlia BD Zine #101: Até Amanhã], João Lam.

Circle Comics Zine #102: Highlights on Heaven [Tertúlia BD Zine #102: Highlights on Heaven], Véte, and Zé Francisco.

Circle Comics Zine #103: A Fistful of Sausages [Tertúlia BD Zine #103: Por um Punhado de Enchidos], Pedro Fernandes.

Morgana and the Mysterious Well [Morgana e o Poço Misterioso], José Abranches.

Space & Co., João Lam.

Talisman [Talismã], Manuel Morgado, and Filipe Faria.

The Virgin’s Journey [A Viagem da Virgem], Pepedelrey, Rui Lacas, Rui Gamito, and Jorge Coelho.


Bang Bang – Volume 1, Hugo Teixeira.

The Adventures of Homodont: Aunt Mist [As Aventuras de Homodonte: A Tia Névoa], José Abrantes.

The Beautiful Beast [La Bellête], Pedro Nogueira.

The Crow – Family Ties [O Corvo – Laços de Família], Luís Louro, and Nuno Markl.


Anniversary no. 3: Super-Man in the XXI Century [Efeméride nº 3: Super-Homem no Século XXI], anthology edited by Geraldes Lino.

Bang Bang – Volume 2, Hugo Teixeira.

Circle Comics Zine #135: Absurd [Tertúlia BD Zine #135: Absurdo], Rita Beja, and Sónia Carmo.

Murmurs From the Deep [Murmúrios das Profundezas], R’Lyeh Dreams Colective.

Terra Incognita: The Faerie City [Terra Incógnita: A Metrópole Feérica], José Fernandes, and Luís Henrique.


Asteroid Fighters: The Beginning – Book 1 [Asteroid Fighters: O Início – Tomo 1], Rui Lacas.

Bang Bang – Ultimate I, Hugo Teixeira.

Collection the Movie of My Life #3: Seventh Seal [Coleção o Filme da Minha Vida #3: Sétimo Selo], Jorge Nesbitt.

Dark Zone [Zona Negra], anthology edited by Fil.

Fly [Mucha], David Soares, Mário Freitas and Osvaldo Medina.

IMAzine #5: You’re Out [IMAzine #5: Stzs Fora], Miguel Marreiros.


City-Tomb [Cidade-Túmulo], David Soares.

Dark Zone 2 [Zona Negra 2], anthology edited by Fil.

Eternus 9: The City of Mirrors [Eternus 9: A Cidade dos Espelhos], Victor Mesquita.

Fantastic Zone [Zona Fantástica], anthology edited by Fil.

Killer Penis [Pénis Assassino], Janus.

Moby Dick, Fernando Bento (adaptation of a story by Herman Melville).

The Gleaming Armament of Marching Genitalia, João Pinto.

The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy [As Incríveis Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy], Filipe Melo, and Juan Cavia.


666 Hardware, Rudolfo.

Mahou – At the Origin of Magic [Mahou – Na Origem da Magia], Ana Vidazinha, and Hugo Teixeira.

Monster Zone [Zona Mostra], anthology edited by Fil.

Primitive Future [Futuro Primitivo], anthology edited by Chili Com Carne.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy II – Apocalypse [As Extraordinárias Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy II – Apocalipse], Filipe Melo, and Juan Cavia.

The Small Blind God [O Pequeno Deus Cego], David Soares, and Pedro Serpa.

Thermidor 1929, Jorge Oliveira.

Voyager #1, R’Lyeh Dreams Colective.


Doom Mountain #1, Zé Burnay.

Inner Math/ Megafauna, João Machado, and André Pereira.

Nomad – issue 1, André Araújo, and Arsia Rozegar.


Butterfly Chronicles #1, João Mascarenhas.

Butterfly Chronicles #2, João Mascarenhas.

Collection the Movie of My Life #13: It’s People [Coleção o Filme da Minha Vida #13: It’s People], Esgar Acelerado.

Collection the Movie of My Life #14: Melancholia [Coleção o Filme da Minha Vida #14: Melancholia], Constança Amador.

Darkness [Mørkness], Tiago Araújo.

Ezine Fantasy [Ezine Fantasia], anthology by Desenhos, Inks e Rabiscos.

Fantasy [Fantasia], Agonia Sampaio.

Mahou – Lost in Time [Mahou – Perdido no Tempo], Ana Vidazinha, and Hugo Teixeira.

Radiation 1, Mao.

The Ball [O Baile], Nuno Duarte, and Joana Afonso.

The Happiness Formula [A Fórmula da Felicidade], Nuno Duarte, and Osvaldo Medina.

The Fantastic Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy III – Requiem [As Fantásticas Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy III – Requiem], Filipe Melo, Juan Cavia, and Santiago Villa.

The Shields of Lusitania #0 [Os Escudos da Lusitânia #0], Adelina Menaia, João Figueiredo, Ana Saúde, João Raz, Paulo Marques, Claudino Monteiro, and João Amaral.


Butterfly Chronicles #3, João Mascarenhas.

Butterfly Chronicles #4, João Mascarenhas.

Erzsébet, Nunsky.

Ezine of Science Fiction [Ezine de Ficção Científica], anthology by Desenhos, Inks e Rabiscos.

Freak Scene #1, André Pereira.

Jupiter I [Júpiter I], Ricardo Lopes.

Nocturne Obscure [Obscurum Nocturnus], Diogo Carvalho.

Parents’ Graves [Sepulturas dos Pais], David Soares and André Coelho.

Pizza Man, Tomás & Vasco, and Afonso Ferreira.

QCDA #1000, Zé Burnay, Rudolfo, André Pereira, and Afonso Ferreira.

Radiation 2, Mao.

Safe Place, André Pereira, and Paula Almeida.

Space, Afonso Ferreira.

Terminal Tower, André Coelho, and Manuel Neto.

The Dragon’s Sneeze [O Espirro do Dragão], Aida Teixeira, Carlos Rocha, and Rá Taniças.

The Mighty Enlil, Pedro Cruz.

The Worst Band in the World Vol. 1 [A Pior Banda do Mundo vol. 1], José Carlos Fernandes.

The Worst Band in the World Vol. 2 [A Pior Banda do Mundo vol. 2], José Carlos Fernandes.


Down Below, Sofia Neto.

Ezine Horror [Ezine Terror], anthology by Desenhos, Inks e Rabiscos.

Fossils of the Beautiful Souls [Fósseis das Almas Belas], Mário Freitas, and Sérgio Marques.

Freak Scene #2, André Pereira.

Free Lance, Diogo Carvalho, and Nimesh Morarji.

Gentleman #1, André Oliveira and Ricardo Reis.

H-alt #1, anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

Jim Del Monaco: The Elephant Cemetery [Jim Del Monaco: O Cemitério dos Elefantes], Luís Louro, and Tozé Simões.

Jupiter II [Júpiter II], Ricardo Lopes.

Madoka Machina #1, André Pereira.

Miracle Maker [Milagreiro], André Oliveira et al.

Nadja, the Virgin Nymph from Hell [Nadja, Ninfeta Virgem do Inferno], Nunsky.

No Man’s Land [Tierra de Nadie], Rudolfo Mariano.

Once Upon a Time on Mars – Book One: The Quest begins, Luís Peres.

Once Upon a Time on Mars – Book 2: In space nobody can hear you…at all!, Luís Peres.

Once Upon a Time on Mars – Book 3: The Rusting City adventure, Luís Peres.Once Upon a Time on Mars – Book 4: The end of the journey, Luís Peres

Patient EV-136, Patrik Caetano and M. J. Lima

Purgatory [Purgatório], André Pacheco, Nádia Amri, and André Bernardo.

QCDA #2000, Amanda Baeza, Hetamoé, Sofia Neto, and Silvia Rodrigues.

QCDI 3000: Fear of a Capitalist Planet, André Pereira, Astromanta, Mao, and Hetamoé.

Return: The Secret of the Valley of Shadows [Volta: O Segredo do Vale das Sombras], André Oliveira, and André Caetano.

Solomon, Carlos Pedro.

Terrea, Ricardo Cabral.

The Mysteries of the Corral! [Os Mistérios do Curral!], Ivan Correia, Martinho Abreu, Pedro Martins, Válter de Sousa, and Roberto Alves.

The Poem Dies [O Poema Morre], David Soares, and Sónia Oliveira.

The Secret Life of Fernando Pessoa [A Vida Oculta de Fernando Pessoa], André Morgado, and Alexandre Leoni.


Accessing [Acedia], André Coelho.

Andromeda – Bugonia, Zé Burnay.

Another World Ultra Grave [Outro Mundo Ultra Tumba], Rudolfo Mariano.

Carlos Silva: On the Comics Route [Carlos Silva: Na Rota da Banda Desenhada], Carlos Silva et al.

Colony Collapse Disorder, Mao.

Comic Con Chronicles [Crónicas da Comic Con], Patrícia Furtado, Marta Teives, Pedro Moura, Nuno Rodrigues, Miguel Montenegro, and Carlos Pedro.

Contact Zone [Zona Contacto], anthology edited by Fil.

Frights: Horror by Portuguese Comics Authors [Sobressaltos: Terror Por Autores Portugueses de BD], anthology edited by Bruno Caetano, and Geraldes Lino.

H-alt #2, anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

H-alt #3, anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

H-alt #4, anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

Hotel Hell, André Mateus, and Pedro Mendes.

I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon [Espero Chegar em Breve], Nunsky (adaptation of a story by Philip Dick).

Jupiter III [Júpiter III], Ricardo Lopes.

Madoka Machina # 2, André Pereira.

Madoka Machina # 3, André Pereira.

Man Plus 1, André Araújo.

Man Plus 2, André Araújo.

Man Plus 3, André Araújo.

Man Plus 4, André Araújo.

Quest for Tula and Other Fantasy Stories [Quest for Tula e Outras Histórias de Fantasia], Patrik Caetano.

Rock Bottom I, Rudolfo Mariano.

Terrea II, Ricardo Cabral.

The Incredible Tarantantan of Balbino, the Buffon [O Incrível Tarantantan de Balbino, o Esfutricador], André Oliveira, and Pedro Carvalho.

Unpublished Stories of Dog Mendonça and Pizzabboy [Contos Inéditos de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy], Filipe Melo, Juan Cavia, and Santiago Villa.


Aitch – The Cure [Agá – A Cura], Vitor Oliveira.

Andromeda – A House on the Horizon, Zé Burnay.

Apocryphus #1, anthology edited by Miguel Jorge, and João Raz.

Apocryphus #2, anthology edited by Miguel Jorge, and João Raz.

Cockman – Episode 1 [Cockman – Episódio 1], João Ribeiro.

Damned Place [Livro Sagrado], André Oliveira, and João Sequeira.

Deiciders #1 – Of Wolf and Man, André Mateus, and Pedro Mendes.

Ermal – When the Cold War Got Hot [Ermal – Quando a Guerra Fria Aqueceu], Miguel Santos.

Ezine Steampunk, anthology by Desenhos, Inks e Rabiscos.

Forbidden Future – Vol. 1 [Futuro Primitivo – Vol.1], Pepedelrey.

Freak Scene #3, André Pereira.

Graveyard of Dreams [Cemitério dos Sonhos], Miguel Peres.

H-alt #5, anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

H-alt #6, anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

H-alt Special Edition 1: FBAUL [H-alt Edição Especial 1: FBAUL], anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

Hanuram: The Fury [Hanuram: A Fúria], Ricardo Venâncio.

In Tangerine’s Notebook [No Caderno da Tangerina], Rita Alfaiate.

Jim Del Monaco: Time Thieves [Jim Del Monaco: Ladrões do Tempo], Luís Louro, and Tozé Simões.

Jupiter IV [Júpiter IV], Ricardo Lopes.

Mole Collection #10: Bizarre [Coleção Toupeira #10: Bizarras], Sofia Neto.

Post-tugal [Pós-tugal], webcomic of unknown author.

Rock Bottom Volume II, Rudolfo Mariano.

Sacred Book [Livro Sagrado], Ricardo Santo.

Satellite Planet [Planeta Satélite], Ricardo Baptista.

SINtra, Tiago Cruz and Inês Garcia.

Stories From Out of This World [Histórias do Outro Mundo], anthology edited by Escorpião Azul.

The Elixir of Eternal Youth – A Dance in Sérgio Godinho’s World [O Elixir da Eterna Juventude – Uma Dança no Mundo de Sérgio Godinho], Osvaldo Medina, and Fernando Dordio.

The Infant Portugal in Assembled Universes [O Infante Portugal em Universos Reunidos], José de Matos-Cruz, Susana Resende, Daniel Maia, and Daniel Henriques.

The Reincarnations – The Beginning – Unexpected Atack – Music of Evil [The Reincarnations – O Começo – Ataque Inesperado – Música do Mal], André Pereira.

Tuurgh, The Cave Painter vol. 1 [Tuurgh, o Pintor Rupestre vol. 1], José Abrantes.


Apocryphus #3, anthology edited by Miguel Jorge, and João Raz.

Congo – A Forgotten World [Congo – Um Mundo Esquecido], Duarte Gandum, Henrique Gandum.

Dracomancer: Dragon’s Fire [Dragomante: O Fogo do Dragão], Manuel Morgado e Filipe Faria.

Dream [Sonho], Susa Monteiro.

Earth 2.7 [Terra 2.7], Mário Ferreira.

Ermal – Land and Blood [Ermal – Terra e Sangue], Miguel Santos.

First Step [Primeiro Degrau], Sérgio Santos.

Full Blaze #1, Diogo Mané, João Iria, Filipa Bento, and Maria Ferreira.

Futurescope [Futuroscópio], Miguel Montenegro.

Ghost Garden [Jardim dos Espectros], Fábio Veras.

H-alt #7, anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

H-alt Special Edition #1 [H-alt Edição Especial #1], anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

H-alt Special Edition #2 [H-alt Edição Especial #2], anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

Inter-Mission [Inter-missão], Ivan Rego, Joana Oliveira, Marcus Aquino, Miguel Peres, and Mike El Nite.

Junior, Joana and Gão – Book 1: The Other World [Júnior, Joana e Gão – Livro 1: O Outro Mundo], Luís Martins.

Junior, Joana and Gão – Book 2: The Other World [Júnior, Joana e Gão – Livro 2: O Outro Mundo], Luís Martins.

Madoka Machina #6, André Pereira.

Rock Bottom Volume III, Rudolfo Mariano.

Rock Bottom Volume IV, Rudolfo Mariano.

Rogue Dragon #1, Diogo Mané, João Iria, and Ricardo Robalo.

Scar [Cicatriz], Sofia Neto.

Starlegacy – Echoes From a Distant Past [Starlegacy – Ecos de um Passado Distante], João Monteiro.

The Curtain of the Songbirds: Prelude [A Cortina das Aves Canoras: Prelúdio],Nuno Cancelinha, and Raquel Costa.

The Returns [Os Retornos], Marta Teives, and Pedro Moura.

The Secrets of Loulé [Os Segredos de Loulé], João Lameiras, João Santos, and André Caetano.

Warper #1, Diogo Mané.

Watchers, Luís Louro.

Zahna, Joana Afonso.


Andromeda, or the Long Way Home, Zé Burnay.

Andromeda, or the Long Way Home [Andrómeda, ou o Longo Caminho para Casa], Zé Burnay.

Apocryphus – Sci-Fi,anthology edited by Miguel Jorge, and João Raz.

Aral Sea [Mar de Aral], José Carlos Fernandes and Roberto Gomes.

Ascension [Ascensão], MAF.

Ashcan The Octopus Man [Ashcan El Hombre Pulpo #1], Véte.

Beep Boop #1, Daniel da Silva Lopes.

Beep Boop #2, Daniel da Silva Lopes.

Beep Boop #3, Daniel da Silva Lopes.

Contact [Contacto], Liliana Maia.

Congo, Volume II – A Forgotten World [Congo, Volume II – No Caminho das Trevas], Duarte Gandum, and Henrique Gandum.

Deiciders #2 – Enter the Dragon, André Mateus, Pedro Mendes, Nuno Sarabando, and Ryan Bielak.

Enforcer #1, Liliana Gaito, and Diogo Mané.

Ermal – Seeds on the Desert [Ermal – Sementes no Deserto], Miguel Santos.

Fifth Empire: The Shadow of Triumph [Quinto Império: A Sombra do Triunfo], João Vasconcelos.

Gentleman #2, André Oliveira and Fábio Veras.

H-alt #8, anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

H-alt #9, anthology edited by Sérgio Santos.

Homo inventor: When Man started inventing [Homo inventor: Quando o Homem se pôs a Inventar], Lança Guerreiro.

Inner Space [Espaço Interior], Ricardo Baptista.

Legendary Horror Stories #1, anthology by Legendary Books.

Lone Wolf #1, Liliana Gaito and Diego Freitas.

Moral – The Graphic Novel, Leonel David Marques.

Painted Plain [Planície Pintada], Diniz Conefrey, and Maria João Worm.

Ragnar; The Golden Harp [Ragnar: A Harpa e Ouro], Eduardo Teixeira Coelho, and Jean Ollivier.

Sentinel, Luís Louro.

Solar Sailors #1, Daniel da Silva Lopes.

Solar Sailors #2, Daniel da Silva Lopes.

Sweet Wind, Daniel da Silva Lopes.

Tangerina, Rita Alfaiate.

Teller, Part One: Denial, André Mateus, and Daniel da Silva Lopes.

The Gunslinger from the Future [O Pistoleiro do Futuro], Pedro Lopes.

The Moore and the Dragon [A Moura e o Dragão], Eduardo Teixeira Coelho, and Raul Correia.

The New Beginning and Other Stories [O Recomeço e Outras Histórias], Agonia Sampaio.

The Other Side of Z [O Outro Lado de Z], Mosi, and Nuno Duarte.

The Son of the Führer [O Filho do Führer], João Gordinho.

Warper Vol. 1, Diogo Mané.

Young Bloodz #1, André Martins, and Diogo Mané.









[08] Magalhães, Jorge. “O Século XX e a BD de Ficção Científica em Portugal.” 19º Catálogo FIBDA – Tecnologia e Ficção Científica, edited by Nelson Dona, Amadora, 2008, pp. 18-48. E

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