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Festival Vapor – A Steampunk Circus

Steampunk is alive and kicking in Entroncamento, Portugal.

The city is well known for his train-related History, and is home to The National Railway Museum, where a fabulous project was born in 2018: Festival Vapor [Steam Festival], a Steampunk Circus. The National Railway Museum is home to big historical engines and giant railway workshops, which produced an imersive set for three days of music, cosplay, workshops, talks, crafts and book fair, in September 2018, taking the steampunk genre as a fitting inspiration.

Following that success, the Museum hosts the 2nd edition of Festival Vapor – A Steampunk Circus, from 27th to 29th September. People will again be welcome to visit the Museum grounds, ride the mini-train while going around the big steam machines, enjoy the activities, workshops, sessions, and concerts aligned with the steampunk theme.

Bands playing will include Victor Sierra, Kumpania Algazarra, Filipe Santos, Cais Sodré Funk Connection, and O Gajo. The Custom Circus collective will be back to Festival Vapor with an exhibition of Steampunk Art, Bizarre Chic & Dieselpunk, as well as a stage show.

Permanent steampunk fun activities will be conducted by Liga de Steampunk de Lisboa, and Fórum Fantástico will direct literary activities. Among these, the writer and editor JS Meresmaa, from Finland, and the academic Iolanda Santos, from Portugal, will be the main guests. The annual release of the Steampunk Almanaque, a mock Victorian almanaque, marks the continued collaboration between Divergência Publishing, Liga de Steampunk de Lisboa, and Fórum Fantástico. Cinema sessions will be present, curated by the Lisbon Motorcycle Film Fest. Finally, one of the new spaces will be the Automaton Fair, with themed custom dolls on display. Quite close from Lisbon, and appropriately reachable (you guessed it!) by train, the Festival Vapor – A Steampunk Circus welcomes all to three days of fun and steampunk folly.

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