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Portuguese artists at the 30th International Festival of Comics and Games in Lodz

This month several portuguese comics authors participate in The International Festival of Comics and Games (27th to 29th of September). This Festival has been organized since 1991 and became the biggest comics event in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe. Following an invitation by Adam Radón, there will be exhibitions with works by TLS artists (past and present members) and an anthology has been published by Timof Comics. Four artists will be present in the Festival, Ricardo Cabral, Nuno Saraiva, João Tércio and Marta Teives, as well as the exhibitions curator Bruno Caetano and João Lameiras (that wrote the texts for the exhibitions). The presence of these Portuguese authors was supported by DGLAB.

The collective The Lisbon Studio (TLS) unites, in a single space, comic book artists, animators, illustrators, scriptwriters and filmmakers. Some of the members of the collective have managed international publishing, as Jorge Coelho or Filipe Andrade. Recently some short stories produced by this collective have been published in Portugal through a partnership between G Floy and Comic Heard in three anthologies. 

Over the years the Festival has devoted attention to Portuguese comics, and collaborations between Polish and Portuguese authors have been developed, resulting in original stories. Four Portuguese authors will have exhibitions in the Festival: Marta Teives, João Tércio, Ricardo Cabral and Nuno Saraiva. Work from non attending artists will also be present in the Festival: Jorge Coelho, Filipe Andrade, Joana Afonso, Nuno Lourenço Rodriges / Filipe Pina, Nuno Plati, Ricardo Venâncio, Dileydi Florez, Pedro Brito, Bárbara Lopes, Ricardo Tércio, Pedro Potier and Patrícia Furtado. These exhibitions will be available until the end of November. 

Besides the TLS anthology, Timof Comics also published The Returns (Os Regressos) by Marta Teives and Pedro Vieira de Moura, The Ball (O Baile) by Joana Afonso and Nuno Duarte and All this is Fado (Tudo isto é fado) by Nuno Saraiva (in Biblioteka Iberyjska). From non attending authors, Timof published Aral Sea (Mar de Aral) by José Carlos Fernandes and Roberto Gomes), Tempest (Tormenta) by André Oliveira and João Sequeira, and Man Plus by André Lima Araújo.

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