New release – Ataegina Award

The main goal of The Portuguese Portal of Fantasy and Science Fiction is to spread the word about what is being done by portuguese writers and artists in the genres of Fantasy and Science Fiction. There are multiple ways to achieve this goal. One of them is to write articles about their work. Another is to encourage writing through publication.

In the last edition of the Ataegina Award (2019), The Portuguese Portal of Fantasy and Science Fiction was involved, alongside Imaginauta and Editorial Divergência. The Ataegina Award aims do recognize an original story submitted for competition. The story is selected by a panel of judges. 

In the previous year it was not possible to make the chosen story available to the wide public. But this year, Imaginauta and The Portuguese Portal made an effort in order to bring you the winning story – this story is currently being printed and we expect it to be available during the Fórum Fantástico, our oldest science fiction convention. 

I don’t want to spoil the surprise and I cannot say much about this story… but… what I can say  is its from a new author and that it is a story that reminds a classic sci-fi movie! I’ll be waiting for your guesses of which movie! 

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