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Ataegina 2019 Winner

Ataegina award is given to the best short story submitted to the respective contest.

The award is organized by the principal portuguese science fiction and fantasy stakeholders and its main objective promote new and established authors to write more and to reach new audiences.

The winner of Ataegina 2019 award was Jorge Borbinha with the short story O Último Extraterrestre (The Last Extraterrestrial).

O Último Extraterrestre is a story or revenge and violence that force us to put the value of Humanity agains other sentient species in perspective.

The prize was given at Fórum Fantástico 2019 in a small cerimony. The short story was printed by a joined effort of Imaginauta and The Portuguese Portal of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Left to righ: Rogério Ribeiro (Fórum Fantástico), Carlos Silva (Imaginauta), Pedro Cipriano (Divergência), Cristina Alves (The Portuguese Portal of Fantasy and Science Fiction) and Jorge Borbinha.

There are plans to translate it in the future, so stay tunned!

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