“I wrote something. Now What?” – A Splatterpunk journey

The Portuguese market is small. And almost closed for new authors, especially those that write under the speculative fiction genres, and even more to those that duel in splatterpunk, space opera, or fantasy.

Given these facts, portuguese writers are aiming for other markets, such as Spanish or English. They are self publishing or sending their works to foreign editors. Samir Karimo, Bruno Martins Soares and Fausta Cardoso Pereira are three portuguese writers that are slowly achieving some recognition in very diferente ways. Today we bring you the the journey of Samir Karimo.

Ok, I have a book. Now what?

If you are self publishing, you have to worry about getting readers for your book. Get your book listed. Get your book reviewed. Your book must be searchable.

Being Listed

“After Sobrenatural’s Spanish version publication, the next step was to get into the Spanish market. So I started to contact fantastic and horror portals such as Mariano Villareal González’ Literatura Fantastica and José María Cárdenas’ S Tercera Fundación who always have published and continue to publish my books on their portals databases. “

Being reviewed

“But if I wanted to reach more public it was necessary that the book should be reviewed on horror literature blogs. So, in one of these contacts I met Miguel Borgas from Biblioteca de Miguel Borgas who who besides of being a writer is also a blogger. He not only opened the doors of Salamanca to me, but also made a review of my first Spanish book and invited me to the Show of obscure, cursed and cult cinema of Salamanca (Muestra de Cine Oscuro, Maldito y de Culto Salamanca, 27-29 April, 2017). “

Presenting your book

But there are other ways to get your book discovered by readers, being one to be able to presente your book at conventions that are full of readers of the genre.

“(In this show) I had  the chance to talk about the Portuguese speculative fiction and also to present my first Spanish book, who has also a Portuguese version and a an English version called Supernatural. In the V Show of obscure cinema (18-19 May 2018) Miguel Borgas from Kalpa (Castille and Leon Terror, sci-fi and fantasy association) presented my second Spanish book Okulto and during it we also talked about my next book (more Splatterpunk) Ouija Infernal. It was  at this last festival that I met the current Ignotus Prize for Literature, finalist Pako Mulero Arenillas, who was open to my literary collaborations.”

Contribute to the genre

Are you really interested in the genre you write? Taking some time to collaborate with others in blogs and magazines may be a good way to put your name out there. If readers empathize with your view, they will probably search for your books.

“But my contributions are not limited to Pako Mulero Arenillas’ magazine Cabina de Nemo. It also includes Minatura, Demencia, The Wax, Attosegundo, Cain, Historias Pulp’s Fiction News. I collaborate with some texts on certain blogs like La mansión del Doctor Clock in whose blog and magazine I present my texts and also present my work at Nieves Guiharro Brione’s Caosfera.”

Get invited to publish in partnership or in anthologies

I would not recommend to pay to participate in anthologies, but being selected to an anthology may, again, be a good way to get people interested in your other stories.

“This blogger and publisher invited me to write a book called Orquídeas para Perséfone with her which   soon will be published in her publishing house Caosfera Libros. Nieves Guiharro Briones and Rafa Lindem have also a publishing house called Vernacci which I’m  representing in Portugal.

This publisher bets on Splatterpunk and other alternative genres. In fact, on the 4th and 5th of May of 2018 I was invited to Doc Vernacci by Vernacci to talk about literary creativity and other subjects.”

“After my presence at the Cinema Show in Salamanca I was invited by the my literary agente Olga López to participate with Lou Wild Morrison at a conference about Splatterpunk Movement in the Iberian Peninsual held in Hispacon 2018. Besides presenting my splaterpunk contributions (Ouija infernal 1 and 2, and Sangre más allá del matadero) we spoke about the new anthology of Ediciones Vernacci Grito Sucios – A splatterpunk anthology and about the possibility of a Portuguese and Spanish splatterpunk anthology.

Every writer has in own path. Some do not promote their work. Others retreat the writing scene after a few rejections. Train your writing. Improve. But sometimes you do need to find the right people that will help sell your book. Good luck.

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