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The Indie Comics Publishing House Gorila Sentado [Sitting Gorilla]

The Gorila Sentado [Sitting Gorilla] is a new independent comics publishing house.

Born in October 2018, it was first presented to the general public on April 2019, at the second edition of the Comics and Illustration Barreiro Festival (IlustraBD). The members of this editorial project are André Mateus, Daniel Lopes, and Francisco Ferreira. Their interest in the sequential art medium pushed them into creating Gorila Sentado [01], where they can showcase their stories and their art. They made the conscious choice to publish in English to reach a bigger audience; therefore it’s easier to access their work outside of Portuguese-speaking countries.

They have three ongoing series being published: the noir supernatural thriller entitled “Teller”; the science fantasy space-opera “Solar Sailors”; and the sci-fi mini-series “Beep-Boop” (this last one was the catalyst for the creation of the Gorila Sentado). They also publish a post-apocalyptic webcomic – “Sweet Wind” – on the Portuguese website Bandas Desenhadas [Comics] [02].

A page from Beep Boop

A few colored episodes of the “Solar Sailors” narrative can be read at the platform Webtoon, one of the biggest websites that freely deliver webcomics on the Internet [03].

Cover for Solar Sailors

Besides their official website, where their published work can be purchased, it’s possible to follow Gorila Sentado on Facebook [04], where you have access to the ongoing webcomic “Sweet Wind”, and news about their work and participation in festivals. All publications can also be purchased at the website Convergência [Convergence] [05], an amazing project that allows small publishers, such as Gorila Sentado, to reach their readers.






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