Azulejo is a form of Portuguese and Spanish painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework. Azulejos are commonly found on the interior and exterior of public and private buildings. They were not only used as an ornamental art form, but also had a specific functional capacity like temperature control or to ease the cleanning and maintenance of walls.

They are a testimony of the arabic presence in the iberian peninsula during the middle ages and can be found both in murals both in a pattern style or composing complex pictures.

Different types of azulejos

In the last years, azulejos have become fashionable again and is quite common to see them in new modern constructions. Are not only the “traditional” types, but new designs and patterns.

Surrealejos is one of the workshops that are changing the way we see “azulejos” using surrealist imagery and disconcerting themes, proving that the speculative worlds can be seen in other art forms than books and films.

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