Con & Events Calendar

This lists several speculative fiction events – from books to boardgames and comics – you name it!



Coimbra BD – 5th until 8th of March

Coimbra BD is a comics event that occurs yearly in Coimbra. Although it is about comics, expect some cosplay and short movies (related to comics). Coimbra BD lasts four days and brings several national comics authors as well as at least one international author. For more information, please check the official facebook page.

Leiriacon – 26th to 29th of March

Leiriacon is a boardgame event that occurs in a resort. Participants can have a room inside the event’s circuit, so there is no need to go outside for lunch or sleep. But even if you don’t want to sleep in the hotel, it is a free event, with several places available for playing and child-friendly (with daycare and activities).

Festival Bang! – 28th of March – CANCELED

Every two years occurs the Festival Bang!, a con dedicated to speculative literature created by Saída de Emergência (SdE). Being created by SdE, Festival Bang! usually is centered in the books published by this publishing house, with international guests published in the Bang! Collection.


Festival Contacto – 17th and 18th of April

Festival Contacto is a yearly event in Biblioteca de Marvila (Marvila’s Library). It is a two day event dedicated to speculative fiction in all its forms – art, comics, boardgames, theater or opera but with a special place for literature. So, expect book signings, lauchs, debates and round tables. For more information, please follow Imaginauta’s webpage.